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We are always looking for Volunteers to help us. The Friends Group has its Trustees who are also Volunteers and it also has quite a number of other regular Members/Volunteers. Some help in the Grounds at our Volunteer Days whilst others help at our Open Days or in other ways.  Some of us are more “Senior” but we do have a number of younger members.  If you have visited us you will have met some of the Volunteers who help on our catering team and at our Events; and if you have visited on a Volunteer Day you will have met other Volunteers who work in the grounds.

In the background we are doing other elements of work including research, preparing the Potting Sheds project, looking after Artefacts & the Snowdrop Collection and preparing for the future.

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In particular, the Potting Sheds project will require the help of more Volunteers and we can always use more help in the grounds.

There is much to do and if you are interested in helping as just a Volunteer or as a Member/Volunteer, do please contact us.  To do this, contact our Volunteering Recruitment Lead, Sally Wilson on  Alternatively, you can make yourself known to one of our Members at one of our open days. New Volunteers will be given a Volunteer Pack which includes a Registration form and our Volunteer Policy.

Our list of Volunteering Roles are below.  Please click on the link for more information about these roles:


Events Team Role

Grounds & Walled Garden Role

Grounds Steward Role

Parking Steward Role


We are now embarking on an exciting Project and if you wish to be part of this, we would love to hear from you.


With work now being undertaken on the Hall, we have moved into a new era of the campaign to save Bank Hall.  It is an exciting time and if you wish to be part of this, we would love to hear from you.

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