Potting Sheds Restoration

The Potting Sheds

If you have been to Bank Hall, the Potting Sheds are located to the left of the main entrance.  They are a range of single storey rooms which as their name suggest were Potting Sheds used by the Gardeners at Bank Hall. They are on the outside of the North End of the Walled Garden and are currently in very bad state. The buildings that you see appear to have been constructed in the 1920’s but there could have been earlier buildings on the site. They are attached to the older North wall of the Walled garden and there is an entrance into the walled garden from them.  The room on the right hand side of the buildings still had in it the limestone slab which was used for potting up plants. This massive slab was stolen by thieves in 2009.  The room on the far left was the boiler room for heating the greenhouses. 

The Future

The Potting Sheds have to be restored but they will no longer be used internally as Potting Sheds but the project intends to create a public access into the Grounds. The buildings will be restructured so that we have a small room from which our catering Volunteers can operate and that room will also double up as a starting point for certain activities that we propose to run. There will also be a small sales shop where the public enter, and the buildings will be fitted out with a toilet.  The boiler room will remain as a small room for possible future use either with a new boiler or for storage.  One other room will be used for storage and throughout their will be interpretative boards concerning the main project.  All this is the first phase of a larger project which will involve putting back Greenhouses and eventually restoring the Victorian Walled Garden.  

Funding & Costs

As always, funding for this first phase and the subsequent phases of this project is crucial. We have already raised a small amount by selling plants and some other items specifically for this project and we are in the process of applying for Grants.  Any voluntary donations will be very welcome but we will also need to raise some funds specifically for this project from the general public, particularly for the second phase which involves rebuilding the Greenhouses.
The Cost of the first phase is about £90,000, but the second and third phases have not been costed as yet.  As with the main project, there is much to do.  Volunteer help to clear the site ready for work to commence and to keep it clear is always welcome. In October 2011 we arranged a Volunteer day for this purposes and a huge amount of work was done.  We will be arranging a further day to continue with this work.
Full planning consent has already been obtained for this project and in this connection we are grateful for the assistance of “Bramley & Pate & Partners”.


This project is now fully funded by Grants from the “Lancashire Environmental Fund” and the “Heritage Lottery Fund” along with our own resources. However, work cannot commence at present until we reach a certain stage concerning the main project.


A link will be added soon to enable you to see images concerning this project.

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