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Visiting Bank Hall

The exhibition area and Prospect Tower in the Hall is now open to the public once a week, please see below for further information and details on booking.

Please note that the public area of the Hall is managed by Heritage Trust for the North West who are based at Barrowford in East Lancashire but is operated on their behalf by The Friends of Bank Hall.  As the Hall is largely residential, due to fire safety restrictions only limited numbers are permitted at each visitor session. Visiting is by pre-booking but if spaces are available we may be able to facilitate casual callers (cash only payments at present).


The exhibition area of the Hall is normally open one day a week and usually on a Sunday for two visitor sessions (11.00 am to 12 Noon and 1.00 to 2.00 pm) and visiting should be pre-booked with Heritage Trust for the North West via Ticket Tailor.  For more information and a booking link, go to our Events page.


From June 2023, visitors to the Tower exhibition area are able to also pre-book visiting the surrounding woodland grounds. At present this is being trialled as it is dependent on sufficient volunteers being available. Combined tickets will be available on Ticket Tailor (link above).
The grounds can be visited on the Prospect Tower open days to visitors who are not visiting the exhibition or have not pre-booked the grounds but this will require a Cash only payment at the entrance hut. Opening times for the grounds on none event days will be from 11.00 am to 3.00pm.


PARKING – On weekend days, parking is down Carriageway Drive (leading out towards Bretherton and to a point where overhead pylons cross the drive). Visitors are asked to park carefully and leave adequate space for through traffic. Neither Heritage Trust for the North West or The Friends of Bank Hall will be responsible for any damage to vehicles .

ASSEMBLY POINT FOR TOWER VISITS – Visitors to the Prospect Tower should assemble by the main gate to the Hall. The gate is kept closed and will be opened by the Tower guide when he/she greets you just before your scheduled time slot. Please be aware that vehicles entering or exiting the site use this gate so please assemble to the side of the gate and wait for the tour guide.


EVENT DAYS – As the Friends group operate event days which can be on the same day as Prospect Tower Open days, please also check our Events Page for our scheduled events.

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