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At the present time the Bank Hall site is only open to the public for our program of Open Days – approximately 12-14 days each year and mainly on a Sunday.  Please see the Events page for further information on when we are open.  We can frequently facilitate visits by Groups on alternative days by prior arrangement and this will be dependent on the availability of volunteer staff.

Please note the following:

  • The Hall itself is not open to the Public but can of course be viewed from outside a perimeter fence.

  • Paths - Given the nature of the site the woodland paths are uneven and sensible footwear should be worn. The paths are wood-chipped in December/January.  Visitors are requested to keep to the paths at all times. 

  • Disabled Persons - The paths are not regarded as suitable for Wheelchair users particularly during wet weather and again, given the nature of the site, may not be suitable for some disabled persons.

  • Children – Children are welcome but if under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.  Children are requested to remain on the paths and should not climb trees as they could sustain an injury. For more information please see our Child Protection Policy.

  • Flowers should not be picked as they are in the grounds for all to enjoy.

  • Catering – We have very limited facilities at the present time but our Volunteer staff are usually able to provide limited catering on our Open Days.

  • Parking – At the present time there is limited parking for disabled persons in front of the potting sheds close to the main gate.  Parking for others is usually on the car park in front of the Kindergarten or along Carriageway Drive.

  • Photographs - Visitors to the Bank Hall site are asked to note that any photographs taken of the Hall or in the grounds are strictly for personal use only and are not to be taken or used for Commercial use.  Permission for the use of photographs for Commercial use must be requested prior to any publication.  Please see additional information in the Disclaimer, Privacy & Other Statements page – link below.

  • Dogs – Following a meeting of the FBH Committee in June 2014, it was agreed that Dogs would be allowed onto the site at our Open Days. However, some Open days will be excluded as will Theatre Events. This decision is subject to a specific Management Plan and also a Code of Conduct.  Please follow the link to the Code of Conduct and please note that Dog Leads that extend will not be permitted.  Code of Conduct Assistance dogs will still be permitted at all open days.

If you have any queries, please contact us using the links on the Contacts Page.

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