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Main Project

We were pleased to announce that work commenced on the Restoration of the Hall on the 10th July 2017.  This work is scheduled to take some 18 months to complete and this will include structuring the apartments and accommodation inside as work progresses. In the initial stages a secure compound has been created around the building and we must emphasize that as this is now a building site the public are not permitted in there. A few Trustees of the Friends Group are allowed in during working hours but have to comply with the Health & Safety requirements. The reason for this is that we have to photograph the various stages of work and retrieve valuable artefacts and also building material that is not going to be re-used but can be displayed in the future or used as a template to re-create it. 

The next stage was to remove unsafe building material and plant growth from the higher level after which the debris and stored brick and stone on the ground floor could be removed. Also in September much of the scaffolding around the building has been erected. By the end of September 2017 much of this stabilisation work had been done and will continue in October. 
We have been conscious of the need to keep our supporters informed of progress and for those who use Facebook, our public Facebook page is the best place to keep up to date with this.  We also dispatch a quarterly news sheet to those on our mailing list and this will contain updates. To view or download the quarterly News Sheets please click here.


We are also looking at putting additional information on this website.

We are also looking at putting additional information on this website.
One of the many items found is this Object: About 6 inches long, the tube is copper with a similar inner tube inside. The outer tube does not appear to go all the way around so the back of it may have been flush to another surface. The end on the left is brass and the end on the right appears to have a brass ferrule on it. Anyone with any ideas on it, please email our Secretary.

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